Supplier Management

In order to quickly understand the basic situation of your company, please first download the survey questionnaire of potential suppliers, and organized a detailed fill in the relevant content, while the corresponding information to be accompanied to the, if there are more information on paper,you can also express to us.

Our professional procurement staff will audit and assess the information on your company in accordance with our standards, if necessary, we may also take on-the-spot investigation. After understanding the history of your company, products and services and other basic information, if we think that your company have the ability to meet our matching requirements, we will issue the corresponding technical data, drawings and inquiry letter urging your company to quote. Prior to this, your company must first sign a confidentiality agreement with us.

After receiving your company's quotation , combined with the relevant information prior to providing your company, we will make a decision to develop with your company. If your company included in our list of suppliers to be developed, and our supplier quality engineer will go to your company to conduct quality audits, if adopted, we will enter the next stage of substantive contacts. If no compliance, we will issue the corresponding reporting requirements for your company a deadline for rectification, when the rectification is completed and meet our basic requirements and then make follow-up co-operation. The latter part of co-operation related to processes and information, please login to read.