Human Resources

Career opportunities: In Tri-Ring Clutch, personal growth and development will be accompanied you to join and expand. From the Division staff, entry, job, promotion, rotation, and other training, to the House, outsourcing internal and external training, self-development and other ways to combine training, we have developed a differentiated system of training programs for employees.

In Tri-Ring Clutch, we always adhere to the “live to old to learn,” the study philosophy, employee growth and development in order to ensure that enterprises of Everlasting; our staff when needed can participate in various company-sponsored training to enrich themselves inadequate in terms of product, quality, equipment, management, technology, personal development and the like.

In Tri-Ring Clutch, long-term employees and management personnel communication mechanism is an important aspect of personal development, to ensure that the needs of employees can quickly get passed and implemented. For example, the monthly goal of our managers and their teams will be developed evaluation, which found deficiencies and to take measures to ensure the realization of the company's overall goals.

In Tri-Ring Clutch, along with the development of enterprises, personal growth and development is our relentless pursuit.